Wide range of housing, work and recreational facilities in a prime location on the site of the Northern Railway Station in Vienna

The site of the former Northern Railway Station is currently one of  the most sought-after area of development in Vienna. Here, a city quarter is taking shape with ten thousand appartments and twenty thousand jobs for various target groups with a high social cross-section. This is reflected in the variety of housing and recreational facilities on offer in this ideal location between the city centre, the river Danube and the extensive local parks.

The housing areas, which focus on different target groups, such as "Young, cost-effective living", "New living style", "Intercultural building" and "Cycle and well-being", and include an education campus and an old peoples centre, are grouped around the three-hectare Rudolf-Bednar-Park. This is the heart of the outdoor planning zone that is designed to encourage people to meet while underlining the importance of creating green spaces within the city. During the second phase of development the intention is to double the free space in the centre by focussing building construction around the edges of the project area. The free space will vary in intensity from surfaced squares through to urban woods that are left as natural as possible.